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Herbatint Permanent Herbal Hair Colours

With 36 beautiful shades to choose from, Herbatint colours gently, effectively and provides complete grey cover.

Herbatint is free from Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens, Fragrance and Alcohol.

Our Natural range of colours 1N to 10N reflect all natural hair colours of the colour spectrum.

Colours 1N to 8N will achieve 100% grey cover. The paler blonde tones are best for naturally light blonde hair.

Natural hair tones that reflect every natural hair shade.

To choose your Herbatint shade

1) Identify your natural tone within the Natural range of colours 1N to 10N.

2) Once your shade has been identified, e.g. 7N Blonde for a light mousey brown colour, decide if you wish to cover grey hair or simply enhance your natural tone.

3) To cover more than 20% grey use 7N Blonde for example as your base shade by itself to give 100% grey cover. To this you can if desired, enhance with an extra tone for example 7R Mahogany Blonde to achieve an overall Mahogany Blonde result. Or you can simply use the Natural shade by itself.

4) If you are not grey simply identify your natural shade, e.g 7N Blonde and then decide to go either

darker in which case choose any shade with a lower number, e.g. 6N Dark Blonde or 5N Light Chestnut and so on.


lighter in which case choose 8N Light Blonde or 9N Honey Blonde but lifting will be limited because of the low peroxide content and may cause an overtly red warm result.


an enhanced tone, ie choose a Mahogany shade 7M Mahogany Blonde to give a vibrant cool red result.

More colour advice in our How To Use section or call UK FREEPHONE 0800 594 7706 for a personalised colour consultation.

Herbatint permanent herbal hair colours do contain PPD so always be SKIN SAFE and skin test prior to every use.

1N Black

2N Brown

3N Dark Chestnut

4N Chestnut

5N Light Chestnut

6N Dark Blonde

7N Blonde

8N Light Blonde

9N Honey Blonde

10N Platinum Blonde

4D Golden Chestnut

5D Light Golden Chestnut

6D Dark Golden Blonde

7D Golden Blonde

8D Light Golden Blonde

9DR Copperish Gold

10DR Light Copperish Gold

4M Mahogany Chestnut

5M Light Mahogany Chestnut

7M Mahogany Blonde

4R Copper Chestnut

5R Light Copper Chestnut

7R Copper Blonde

8R Light Copper Blonde

4C Ash Chestnut

5C Light Ash Chestnut

6C Dark Ash Blonde

7C Ash Blonde

8C Light Ash Blonde

10C Swedish Blonde

FF1 Henna Red

FF2 Crimson Red

FF3 Plum

FF4 Violet

FF5 Sand Blonde

FF6 Orange

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