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Using Herbatint For The First Time

You will need:

  • Herbatint hair colour pack
  • Herbatint Tinting Kit

When mixing colours ALWAYS use equal amount of colour and developer,
Using just one colour mix for example 30ml of colour with 30ml of developer.
Using two colours mix 15ml of one colour with 15ml of another colour and 30ml of developer.

STEP 1 Put on gloves contained in Herbatint pack and wrap the protective cape in the Tinting Kit around your shoulders.
STEP 2 Using the measuring jug from the Tinting Kit pour out the required amount of colour from the green bottle(s) and put into a bowl. Replace cap tightly on colour bottle.
STEP 3 Pour out the equal amount of developer from the white bottle and put into the bowl. Replace cap tightly on developer bottle.
STEP 4 Mix colour and developer together to form a gel like consistency using the brush.
STEP 5 Section the hair and begin to apply the colour mix to the roots then work down the hair so that you cover the hair completely using the brush provided from the Tinting Kit.
STEP 6 When hair is fully covered, leave to process for 40 minutes. You can use a timer for this, do not guess the time! During this time rinse the bowl, brush and measuring jug and keep for another time. Put your feet up!
STEP 7 At the end of the processing time, add some water to the hair, emulsify the product with the Herbatint Normalising Shampoo from the sachet then wash until water runs clear.
STEP 8 Apply the Herbatint Royal Cream Regenerating Conditioner from the sachet all over the hair. Leave for 5 minutes then rinse, dry and style as usual.
STEP 9 Remove cape, wash and dry and keep for another time.
RESULT Beautiful, natural hair colour!

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