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A new important recognition directly from Paris: indeed, Victoire de la Beauté awards Herbatint as the hair colour of the year 2017-2018 based on its quality and the satisfaction of women consumers.

Subjected to the Quality Review, Herbatint* was used by a panel of 70 women (Foyers tests)  over a period of 12 weeks under the supervision of a technical committee and a guarantee committee and selected Herbatint as the home haircolouring product of 2017-18 based on its quality and effectiveness.

Based on the innovative approach of Victoire de la Beauté, the panel of consumers is required to test the products under real everyday life conditions to be able to evaluate the perceived quality during use. For Herbatint, the award is an important recognition of the satisfaction of consumers and the effectiveness of the product itself.

*N and D tones